Week 10 Art Experience: Architecture and Urban Planning


For this week’s assignment I decided to focus on The USU Wedge. This is the wedge that bothered me the most. I didn’t even know about the FA4 wedge prior to this assignment. I purposely do not park in any of the parking lots or structure near the CBA building to avoid walking through this wedge. I park on the other side of campus near the rec center where I do not need to encounter any wedges of this sort. Of course I can always walk around but then I get frustrated at how it would take me longer and require a few more steps to take but I would lose the same amount of time waiting for the crack to clear of traffic until it is my turn to pass through.

I drew my sketch looking toward Brotman Hall like if you are walking to north campus. To fix this wedge issue I decided to remove the first bench that is seen in one of the photos on the syllabus. By removing this bench I allow more space for people to wall through even before they reach the actual wedge. I find that this bench prolongs the wedge which is part of why it takes so long for groups of people to pass. I also took out the second granite wall that is closes to the beam that contributes to the wedge. This immediately widens that wedge which would make it not a wedge anymore. This would make it a wide passageway that would not cause traffic during campus’s peak hours.

While planning my new structure to get rid of the wedge. I wanted to move the granite wall AND the white beam but I thought of how the white beam served as a support beam to hold the ceiling up so I could not remove that part. The first granite wall and this white beam would be the supporting structures of this part of the walkway that leads into the USU. I had to bargain with this which worked out in the end because it widened the wedge which allowed it to be a “real” walkway.

I think student will probably miss the wedge because it added character but I think it was mostly annoying. I would personally avoid it but now I would be able to park on this side of campus. This would make it easier for any time I schedule classes in the future. I also think that there may not be a Facebook page for this wedge anymore. When I first came to CSULB in 2012 I remember my tour guide mentioned it as “The Crack” and that it had its own Facebook page. This would probably go away or become even more popular depending on how much it is missed.


Week 10 Artist Conversation: Brittany Waters

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @artbywaters

Artist Information

The artist Brittany Waters is a student at CSULB’s School of Art. She is earning her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in the Ceramics program. She is originally from northern California but moved to Long Beach and has since found inspiration from the beach city which is what brought #MoreThanASandbox to life. She appreciates nature whether she is at home or in Long Beach. Her art is composed of baby sea turtles which she originally fell in love with on family trips to Hawaii. It tells of the journey that these newly hatched sea turtles must make to the ocean where they encounter many predators where some never make it to the ocean.

Formal Analysis

#MoreThanASandbox is composed of ceramic turtles that were handmade by Brittany. There was also sand in  which the baby sea turtles are “walking” through. One of the walls is a projected moving image of the ocean with waves which where the turtles are walking toward. There was also a beach umbrella and chair for viewers to sit in and take pictures in to hashtag her exhibition. There is also a sort of gallery within a gallery because the artist has a wall on the left when you enter in which she has photos of her Instagram feed that shows the process of her show. There are photos of how the sea turtles are made. We can see turtles before they are painted and the different shades of green that are used to make the exterior match a real life turtle.

Content Analysis

Brittanys show displays how humans have invaded the natural habitat of these sea turtles which is largely due to them being an endangered species. It tells of the struggle that sea turtles go through just to survive. It was almost like an environmental and animal rights statement. I think it also represented Brittany’s personality and her love for nature. Even though it was a telling show about the sea turtles and the invasion of humans into their habitat, it also displays her passion for these animals and tells that she is very aware of what is happening to these innocent creatures.


Synthesis/ My Experience 

When I walked into the gallery to view her show I though it was strange how there was a place for humans to hang out under the umbrella and in the chair because it was right next to the where the sea turtles were nested. I thought, “This isn’t right, both can’t be next to each other.” But this is exactly what happens when humans invade the space of these sea turtles. We impede their survival and contribute to their species’ scarcity. It was an eye-opening experience and made me realize how much we do without thinking about the animals and environment that we are damaging.

Week 9 Art Experience: Graffiti Writing

For this week’s graffiti assignment I decided to do it on a piece of old wooden gate in my back yard. I wanted to do it on cardboard but I didn’t have a paper big enough to do it on because my name consists of 8 letters and bubble letters would have been to good. I quickly realized that it is not easy for me to control the paint can which looked much easier when I’ve seen other people do it. Another challenge I came across was how quickly the paint absorbed into the wood because it was unfinished and very old. I started by writing my name out in a neon green but it went into the wood and looked pale. I think spray painted it black to have a “base” on the wood and went over it with blue paint to create my name. I did my name in regular print as well as bubble letters. I think bubble letters are quite challenging because they require more detail which is hard to do with a can. I wasn’t able to get precision out of a paint can. It made me appreciate how well others can create art with a paint can.

After experiencing this I can definitely say it was not easy. My finger got tired at the end from holding down the spray tip to get the paint out. Even though it was hard, I did enjoy it and found it fun. I think my painting was not “good” compared to what I’ve seen before but I think it was the best that I could have ever created especially since I have never painted with spray paint before. My printed letters came out way better than my bubble letters in the end.

Week 9 Artist Conversation: Dulce Soledad Ibarra


Exhibition Information

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Recuerdos

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

Instagram: @contemporaryfart

About the Artist

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. She is earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Art in the Sculpture Program. When asked about her interests, she mentioned that she loves karaoke. She picks the songs she likes to sing based off of the feedback she gets from the crowd. Although she has a few favorite artists she leaves it up to what the crowd is like that particular night to decide what to sing. Some of her favorites include Selena and Juan Gabriel who are both very influential Mexican singers. She also has a pet rabbit named Echo. In her art she channels the remembrance of her aunt who passed away through her belongings and setting them up in a way that helps her understand why

Formal Analysis

Dulce’s  Recuerdos consisted of her one of her aunt’s possessions that were left after her passing. Her aunt had many belongings and collected dolls, knick knacks, and other objects. These items were dolls that were still in their original packaging, handmade dolls from Mexico that were in traditional dress and with braids, knit blankets, supermarket calendars and yellow furniture. They were set up in what seemed like a random fashion but they were placed so eloquently and everything looked like if it was where it was supposed to be. There also childhood pictures of Dulce as well as other family members.

Content Analysis 

After reading a pamphlet that Dulce wrote about her solo exhibition, the audience learns about her aunts last moments of life and we get to see what exactly she meant to Dulce. She helped raise her and her loss was a great one to Dulce. She is of Mexican descent and we see this a lot in her work. At the end she writes an excerpt in Spanish about her aunt. When speaking to her she states that when she put her show together that she didn’t really make it as a tribute to her aunt but instead used it as a way to understand her aunt. Although she agreed that to some degree it does honor her. She mentioned that her aunt never married and never had children and she never questioned her aunt’s sexuality and neither did her family. It was just what she did and it was accepted. Her aunt’s room also had a lot of yellow in it which we see in the art show as well as in the pamphlet. She described yellow as being a color that represented youth as in babies and toddlers or a really old person. She felt that there wasn’t an age group between these two that it represented.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

When I first walked through the gallery to see Recuerdos, I thought it represented a traditional Mexican home which reminded me of my own upbringing. The super market calendars and handmade dolls reminded me of my own family and things that I grew up with. I though it was very relatable to me. I also appreciated her inclusion of Spanish into her art. I though this added individuality to her work. I was able to read and understand what she wrote in Spanish and it made me think about how hard things in Spanish can be to translate into English. Not because there isn’t a word in English for it but because things in Spanish can have meaning that would need to be described with more than word to get the meaning in English. I like that I was able to grasp this in her work because I feel like there is a huge part that gets misinterpreted or misunderstood when trying to absorb it in English.


Week 7 Artist Conversation: Yoni and Honey

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Yoni Keynan and Caitlyn Hunter (Honey)

Exhibition: Pabbie and Sultanatan

Media: Illustration

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery


Instagram: @yoni_keynan and @honeyaitch

About the Artists

Caitlyn and Yoni are a duo who created Pabbie and Sultanatan together. Caitlyn is an Anthropology major while Yoni is an undergraduate student earning his BFA in Illustration here at the CSULB School of  Art. They created the characters for their show based off of each other. Yoni created Pabbie after Caitlyn and Caitlyn created Sultanatan after Yoni. Caitlyn stated that her interests involved sociocultural endeavors and she enjoys interviewing people from specific cultures and she loves learning about kitchen culture. She described an example of this as exploring men cooking in restaurant kitchens and also stated that she liked talking to people, reading about different cultures, traveling, and adventuring. Yoni described his interests as things like performance where you can express things that you can’t put into words. He likes body movements and how exciting it can be. He likes embracing life and doing things outside of social norms. We talked about picking your nose as an example because he explained how its not illegal but most people are uncomfortable doing it because were always taught not to do that as children.

Formal Analysis

Their work consisted of acrylic paint on paper and a few figurines. A few of the figurines were carved from graphite resin, red wax, and marble dust resin. The painted pieces were very bright and detailed. A lot of the painted pieces were completely painted to where the audience could not see the white canvas underneath. There was also acrylic painted onto small wood pieces that almost looked like miniature canvas pieces. Most of the pieces also had outdoor settings and none of them looked like they were “inside” or enclosed into a specific area.

Content Analysis 

They both mentioned that the surrounding environments of the characters Pabbie and Sultanatan were things that they liked, appreciated, or thought were funny. Yoni talked about old video games and how they inspired his work because of the alternate world they provided and how they offered an aesthetic that you can’t find in the real world sometimes. He found it fascinating how this world could exist even if it was through a screen which I think translated into his work. I think the environments in this show definitely had environments that existed in this world of Pabbie and Sultanatan. I also think Caitlyn’s appreciation of bright colors showed up in her pieces as well because they were some that were so bright and colorful that I almost wished I could be a part of them. There were a lot of jungly environments and monuments in their work that they created.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

I think this Artist Conversation was the best one Ive had yet. Both Yoni and Caitlyn were easy to talk to and made the whole interview completely comfortable. Even though I spoke to two people, when I recall the conversation it feels like one fluid conversation between myself and one other person. I think they make a great duo and compliment each other very well and I think they bring the best out of each other and their art. I appreciated how confident they were in their work and how they spoke of each other. I agree with their ideas on culture and how they brought that into their work through the environments. I left thinking about how there all these “worlds” here in our world that people can escape to whether it be in a video game, our dreams, or different cultures that have completely different ideas and customs from the ones we know and are comfortable with.

Week 8 Art Experience: Finger Painting

This experience was liberating to say the least. I think its satisfying to get your hands dirty and takes me back to childhood where we don’t really care if we get dirty or if food drips down your chin. We’re always taught to wash our hands, to not wipe our hands on our pants, and to not put our fingers in our mouth; and this art experience almost felt like the opposite of that. I was able to get my hands dirty and mix colors while. I think this experience was rather easy because I felt that there no rules. I didn’t have to use a brush or stay within any lines or follow any particular guidelines other than use paint and use my fingers.

When I compare my piece to other paintings that Ive seen I think mine definitely looks amateur but I think it definitely has an abstract feel to it. When i started creating it, I starting moving my hand in a windshield wiper motion to spread the paint on the paper. I started off my putting the paint directly on the paper and spreading it and I also put it on my hand and then put my hand on the paper. I started off with the purple and then added the crimson and orange. I thought the crimson and organdy mixed beautifully so I thought I could create a sun figure and add rays with the purple to give a sort of dimension. Then I added more purpled to give it a round shape and figured this could my moon. I mixed crimson and purple together to create the “craters” on my moon. Since I felt I had a space/solar system them going on I added comets in the upper right portion which I was very satisfied with. I though they came out really cute and looked like they were done with a paintbrush which I liked. I think this activity was fun I would be willing to do another finger painting in my free time.

Week 8 Classmate Conversation: Betty Escorcia


This week in class I had the pleasure of meeting Betty Escorcia. She is graduating this semester with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. She is also working toward her minor in Comparative World Literature. Since this is her last semester at CSULB, I asked her what plans were after graduation, like if she wanted to attend graduate school or if she was going to work. She told me that she wanted to take a break after graduation which I completely understand because thats what I want to do after so many years of being in school. She asked me what my interests were and I told that I like my “me time” which includes relaxing at home, sleeping in, and watching Netflix. She agreed with me about like “me time” as well.

Another one of my interests that I mentioned to her was that I enjoy traveling even though I don’t get to do it often. I told about the few cities that I have been too and she recommended that I visit New York. Ive always wanted to travel there and she said it was a very fun trip for her. We also briefly spoke about my favorite movies and one of the movies I mentioned to her was Lilo and Stitch which she said was her boyfriend’s favorite movie as well. I really enjoyed talking to Betty because she easy to talk to and seemed approachable when we began talking to each other. I wish her the best after graduating!


Week 6 Artist Conversation: Ariel Maldonado

Ariel Maldonado. Talk to Strangers. Ceramics. 12″ x 10″ 2017 CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East 

I’m four years old at my first dentist appointment that I will ever recall. Maybe I’ve been here before. Who knows. I was probably too young before today to even remember. Im scared. I know I’ll cry in there. This wait is so long and Im getting bored. My mom keeps telling me that we have to wait before I go in and walk into the big door. She says I’ll get a prize like a toy or toothbrush once its all over. I hate waiting, we’ve been here for hours. Theres some toys here on the table for the kids to play with. There was only one other kid here but they already got to go behind the big door to see the dentist. I think I’m going to play with this toy here where I move the little rings across the squiggly bar structures. Its kind of fun. But what if I get bored while playing with it, what if i get tired of it and want to play something else?

Im hungry now but my mom says I can’t eat the gold fish snacks in her purse until we are done here. I hope I don’t get any teeth taken out. My other doctor says that my teeth will start falling out when I go into kindergarten. I don’t want to go to kindergarten, I want my teeth to stay in my mouth. Why do they need to fall out? That scares me. Oh no! I must go now they just called my name. Ill tell you later what happens behind the big door.

Week 6 Art Experience: Zines and Flipbooks

This week I decided to create a Zine. I found this quite challenging because I am not great at drawing at all. Most if my pages were hand drawn/written by me but there are also a few with pictures that i cut and pasted onto the pages of my zine. I used different colored card stock to create my zine and i bound it together with string. I used pen, colored pencils, oil pastels, and pencil to create the drawings.

I entitled it My Life. I thought I would create it to represent me, my life, and special people in my life. I found it to resemble a more tangible version of a social media account. I included pictures of my niece, my cousin, my brother, and my grandpa. I also drew a few things in there to best of my ability. I included a self portrait of myself, a view of a city at night, and a view of a sunset. I think the portrait looks somewhat like me. My favorite part about it was how I drew my hair. I think it looks exactly how I would want it look in real life. I also really love my pictures. I think pictures are great memories. We typically take pictures of happy times to document them and remind ourselves of that particular special day. I think we rarely take pictures of sad or angry times in our lives, because we really do not want to remind ourselves of those days. I think its interesting how the sad and hard parts of our lives can be so easily and clearly remembered while happy times are a little different. There have been times when I’ve seen a picture of myself where I don’t exactly remember the day/event or even taking the picture. I think this why I appreciate them more and liked that part the most making this assignment even though it called more for drawing rather than pictures.


Week 5 Art Activity: Automatic Drawing

For this week’s activity, I decided to do it with my mom since I live with her and it was easiest this way because I didn’t to leave my house and carry all my stuff with me. I explained to her what we were supposed to do and that our eyes needed to be closed and to just let the crayon do its thing. I’ve never done anything like this before so I though it was a little weird. Anything Ive ever drawn has been on my own and not with my eyes closed. We sat on our living room floor and held our crayon with all four of our hands and let the crayon draw. When we saw it after we had finished, we thought it look a little ugly so decided to use a different color to make brighter. It started to look a little better so we decided to try another color. The last color we used was the navy blue. We started to get a better feel of what to do and it started to look “better.”

After we finished the drawing I thought it looked more like a drawing with the additional colors. Although I would describe it as a scribble I think it looks great. I think it looks unique and like something that would be hard to recreate. I think even if I tried to do it by myself I wouldn’t be able to recreate the piece. It such an original piece that it’s almost impossible to recreate especially since it was completed with our eyes closed and we let the pastels move freely over the paper. I think this is what I liked best about this assignment, the originality of it.