Week 14 Art Experience: Sketching in the Garden

This week’s activity was interesting and nothing like I had done before. It was easy to  be able to draw without erasing but I found difficult was drawing without looking at the paper. When I drew my hand I tried my best to not look at the paper but I did look a few times out of habit. We rarely draw anything without looking because we always try to make things look “perfect” or as perfect as we can make them. When i finished my hand, I saw how hard it is to draw nicely without looking. My hand did not look proportionate to my actual hand and it look crooked. My thumb resembled a pinky and I tried to draw the lines on my hand as I saw them. I think the lines came out better than my hand drawing.

When it came to drawing the scene at CSULB’s Japanese Garden, I think the one where I was able to look at the scenery and my paper came out pretty decent. It resembled what I was looking at pretty well and I though it looked great for being just a sketch. I then tried to create the same picture without looking at my paper. They look similar but this one definitely looked messier. All the objects were enmeshed and drawn on top of each other and overlapping. The coy fish do not look like fish at all and they look like blobs with fishtails. My plants also look different in both sketches. In the second sketch my plants are floating around in the baby and look like spike circles rather than plants. This really made me appreciate my ability to see.

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