Week 13 Classmate Conversation: Diana Soriano

This week for my artist conversation I met first year student Diana Soriano. Prior to attending CSULB she graduated from Narbonne High School in Torrance. When I asked about her major she said that she started off as a Marine Biology major but wanted to switch over to Mechanical Engineering. She works at a starbucks which I thought was really cool but I also told her how when I worked in food service I hated people because they were so rude and took the slightest things personal. Some would people would even come in mad before you even say a word to them.

We also talked about shows we liked to watch on netflix and I mentioned 13 Reasons Why to her and she said she had read the book. I asked her which one she preferred and she stated the book and show are different but prefers the book. This made me want to read the book because I usually prefer the book versions of stories like this. IMG956378


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