Week 12 Artist Conversation: Alice Andreini

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East Gallery

Website: andreiniart.com

About the Artist 

Alice Andreini is a graduate student at CSULB’s school of art. She is earning her MFA through the Drawing and Painting Program. In her work she challenges the views and perspectives that we have of the world due to the way we are socialized. Some of her interests include poetry and good literature. She stated that her favorite author is Virginia Woolf.

Formal Analysis

Alice’s art exhibition consisted of large paintings that consisted of geometric lines and shapes. Some looked like they represented a golf course while others looked like landscapes like where the ocean meets the land put together through geometric lines and pastel colors that are not typically used to depict environments in nature.

Content Analysis

When speaking to Alice she mentioned that she thought landscapes are not natural. She described how even things that have natural things in them like a gold course are man made. They are maintained by man and put together by man because such a landscape would not exist in nature. This made me think about how I’ve never really seen anything in nature that hasn’t been touched by man. Even if I go on a hike the Angeles National Forest or to the Grand Canyon, all the trails and best views and have been picked and trekked by someone before me. Ive never really see n true nature that hasn’t been modified.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

I really appreciated Alice’s work because it made me think about how man has always added to things in nature and how they have been modified to make it easier for humans to add their thumbprints to things. All of these things in nature that are made for people to experience the “outdoors” are all developed my humans and made to be “safe” for them to explore in most circumstances.



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