Week 12 Art Experience: Ethnography


For this week’s assignment, I decided to spend my night without electricity. I chose my room because I figured I would be the most comfortable here and it wouldn’t bother me to be in my place of comfort without electricity. At first it was hard because I was tempted to be on my phone in my dark which is what I usually do when Im bed before I go to sleep. I also like to watch TV while I’m in bed and watch netflix. I realized how much of a habit it is to watch TV and be on my phone when I couldn’t do these things at my leisure. I also like to sleep with my blankets over my self with the fan blowing air on me. But I just had to sleep without the bed sheets over me and I was fine. It did make me realize tho that I could just do that every night instead of wasting energy.

I ended up falling asleep quickly and woke up great the next day. It’s something I wish I could do every night. Im usually sleep deprived and I tell myself everyday that I will be in bed by 10 PM. The closest Ive gotten to this goal time is 10:40PM. Its quite frustrating because I always end up regretting it the next day and thinking about how much more sleep I wish I could get. I always think about how much sleep I could be getting if I wasn’t on my phone all the time before bed. I realized some habits I need to get rid of and things that I need to change to get better sleep. I always hear about how important sleep is but I never do anything about it because I never really knew what to do about it. After this experience I think not being on my phone will help a lot.

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