Week 11 Classmate Conversation: Chris Toledanes and Sydnie Santos


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Toledanes and Sydnie Santos. Sydnie is a first year student here at CSULB and she is majoring in psychology. After talking to her for a bit she told me that she was considering changing her major because she felt that psychology wasn’t the option she felt most comfortable with and she was looking at other majors to declare. She is from Cerritos and went to Cerritos High School. She also told me that she played volleyball in high school. Chris Toledanes is senior at Cal State Long Beach and said he will be graduating next year. He is majoring in Computer Engineering. He is originally from Torrance but currently lives in Long Beach.  I also found out that he enjoys playing golf.

They were both great people to work with for the triptych and contributed to the conversation with Glenn about the art that we saw. I thought it was great how Chris mentioned that gun control was a deadly cycle that was never ending because of how people who are getting guns are usually getting them to protect themselves from other people with guns. This was a perspective that I had never thought about and made me think about how it applies to other topics like nations and their weapons of mass destruction and large militaries who do this in an attempt to protect themselves from other countries with militaries and weapons.

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