Week 10 Artist Conversation: Brittany Waters

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @artbywaters

Artist Information

The artist Brittany Waters is a student at CSULB’s School of Art. She is earning her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in the Ceramics program. She is originally from northern California but moved to Long Beach and has since found inspiration from the beach city which is what brought #MoreThanASandbox to life. She appreciates nature whether she is at home or in Long Beach. Her art is composed of baby sea turtles which she originally fell in love with on family trips to Hawaii. It tells of the journey that these newly hatched sea turtles must make to the ocean where they encounter many predators where some never make it to the ocean.

Formal Analysis

#MoreThanASandbox is composed of ceramic turtles that were handmade by Brittany. There was also sand in  which the baby sea turtles are “walking” through. One of the walls is a projected moving image of the ocean with waves which where the turtles are walking toward. There was also a beach umbrella and chair for viewers to sit in and take pictures in to hashtag her exhibition. There is also a sort of gallery within a gallery because the artist has a wall on the left when you enter in which she has photos of her Instagram feed that shows the process of her show. There are photos of how the sea turtles are made. We can see turtles before they are painted and the different shades of green that are used to make the exterior match a real life turtle.

Content Analysis

Brittanys show displays how humans have invaded the natural habitat of these sea turtles which is largely due to them being an endangered species. It tells of the struggle that sea turtles go through just to survive. It was almost like an environmental and animal rights statement. I think it also represented Brittany’s personality and her love for nature. Even though it was a telling show about the sea turtles and the invasion of humans into their habitat, it also displays her passion for these animals and tells that she is very aware of what is happening to these innocent creatures.


Synthesis/ My Experience 

When I walked into the gallery to view her show I though it was strange how there was a place for humans to hang out under the umbrella and in the chair because it was right next to the where the sea turtles were nested. I thought, “This isn’t right, both can’t be next to each other.” But this is exactly what happens when humans invade the space of these sea turtles. We impede their survival and contribute to their species’ scarcity. It was an eye-opening experience and made me realize how much we do without thinking about the animals and environment that we are damaging.


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