Week 10 Art Experience: Architecture and Urban Planning


For this week’s assignment I decided to focus on The USU Wedge. This is the wedge that bothered me the most. I didn’t even know about the FA4 wedge prior to this assignment. I purposely do not park in any of the parking lots or structure near the CBA building to avoid walking through this wedge. I park on the other side of campus near the rec center where I do not need to encounter any wedges of this sort. Of course I can always walk around but then I get frustrated at how it would take me longer and require a few more steps to take but I would lose the same amount of time waiting for the crack to clear of traffic until it is my turn to pass through.

I drew my sketch looking toward Brotman Hall like if you are walking to north campus. To fix this wedge issue I decided to remove the first bench that is seen in one of the photos on the syllabus. By removing this bench I allow more space for people to wall through even before they reach the actual wedge. I find that this bench prolongs the wedge which is part of why it takes so long for groups of people to pass. I also took out the second granite wall that is closes to the beam that contributes to the wedge. This immediately widens that wedge which would make it not a wedge anymore. This would make it a wide passageway that would not cause traffic during campus’s peak hours.

While planning my new structure to get rid of the wedge. I wanted to move the granite wall AND the white beam but I thought of how the white beam served as a support beam to hold the ceiling up so I could not remove that part. The first granite wall and this white beam would be the supporting structures of this part of the walkway that leads into the USU. I had to bargain with this which worked out in the end because it widened the wedge which allowed it to be a “real” walkway.

I think student will probably miss the wedge because it added character but I think it was mostly annoying. I would personally avoid it but now I would be able to park on this side of campus. This would make it easier for any time I schedule classes in the future. I also think that there may not be a Facebook page for this wedge anymore. When I first came to CSULB in 2012 I remember my tour guide mentioned it as “The Crack” and that it had its own Facebook page. This would probably go away or become even more popular depending on how much it is missed.


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