Week 13 Classmate Conversation: Diana Soriano

This week for my artist conversation I met first year student Diana Soriano. Prior to attending CSULB she graduated from Narbonne High School in Torrance. When I asked about her major she said that she started off as a Marine Biology major but wanted to switch over to Mechanical Engineering. She works at a starbucks which I thought was really cool but I also told her how when I worked in food service I hated people because they were so rude and took the slightest things personal. Some would people would even come in mad before you even say a word to them.

We also talked about shows we liked to watch on netflix and I mentioned 13 Reasons Why to her and she said she had read the book. I asked her which one she preferred and she stated the book and show are different but prefers the book. This made me want to read the book because I usually prefer the book versions of stories like this. IMG956378

Week 13 Artist Conversation: Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvetica

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

About the Artist

Laura Lopez is a graduate student at CSULB. She is earning her Masters through the Drawing and Painting program. She created Selvetica inspired the connection she feels with the jungle. This is truly seen in her work with bright colors that represent the wilderness and nature of the jungle.

Formal Analysis

Selvetica consisted of large, brightly painted images of the jungle. The leaves, animals, and other plants were so vivid because they used bright colors such neon yellow, lime green, orange, and neon pink. There also colors like bright blue and purple. They were large and consisted of oil paints on canvas. There was one the appeared to one whole picture put together by two separate pieces of canvas.

Content Analysis

Laura tells about how she feels the jungle is her home and is fascinated by how things like forests are interconnected by different plants and species. I could really see this in her art because of how detailed all the plants are. I think details in imagery of nature are hard to depict because of intricate it is to include things like leaves and stems and animals because they are all virtually the same color with different depths and shades depending on the angle they are being viewed from.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

This exhibition really made me think about complex forests can be. All the different layers of plants and the different ecosystems that exist within each layer are necessary for the others survival. I also liked how all the different paintings were in colors that are not seen in these places in real life.

Week 12 Art Experience: Ethnography


For this week’s assignment, I decided to spend my night without electricity. I chose my room because I figured I would be the most comfortable here and it wouldn’t bother me to be in my place of comfort without electricity. At first it was hard because I was tempted to be on my phone in my dark which is what I usually do when Im bed before I go to sleep. I also like to watch TV while I’m in bed and watch netflix. I realized how much of a habit it is to watch TV and be on my phone when I couldn’t do these things at my leisure. I also like to sleep with my blankets over my self with the fan blowing air on me. But I just had to sleep without the bed sheets over me and I was fine. It did make me realize tho that I could just do that every night instead of wasting energy.

I ended up falling asleep quickly and woke up great the next day. It’s something I wish I could do every night. Im usually sleep deprived and I tell myself everyday that I will be in bed by 10 PM. The closest Ive gotten to this goal time is 10:40PM. Its quite frustrating because I always end up regretting it the next day and thinking about how much more sleep I wish I could get. I always think about how much sleep I could be getting if I wasn’t on my phone all the time before bed. I realized some habits I need to get rid of and things that I need to change to get better sleep. I always hear about how important sleep is but I never do anything about it because I never really knew what to do about it. After this experience I think not being on my phone will help a lot.

Week 12 Artist Conversation: Alice Andreini

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East Gallery

Website: andreiniart.com

About the Artist 

Alice Andreini is a graduate student at CSULB’s school of art. She is earning her MFA through the Drawing and Painting Program. In her work she challenges the views and perspectives that we have of the world due to the way we are socialized. Some of her interests include poetry and good literature. She stated that her favorite author is Virginia Woolf.

Formal Analysis

Alice’s art exhibition consisted of large paintings that consisted of geometric lines and shapes. Some looked like they represented a golf course while others looked like landscapes like where the ocean meets the land put together through geometric lines and pastel colors that are not typically used to depict environments in nature.

Content Analysis

When speaking to Alice she mentioned that she thought landscapes are not natural. She described how even things that have natural things in them like a gold course are man made. They are maintained by man and put together by man because such a landscape would not exist in nature. This made me think about how I’ve never really seen anything in nature that hasn’t been touched by man. Even if I go on a hike the Angeles National Forest or to the Grand Canyon, all the trails and best views and have been picked and trekked by someone before me. Ive never really see n true nature that hasn’t been modified.

Synthesis/ My Experience 

I really appreciated Alice’s work because it made me think about how man has always added to things in nature and how they have been modified to make it easier for humans to add their thumbprints to things. All of these things in nature that are made for people to experience the “outdoors” are all developed my humans and made to be “safe” for them to explore in most circumstances.


Week 11 Artist Conversation: Sovanchan Sorn

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sovanchan Sorn

Exhibition: this is all i remember

Media: Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

About the Artist

Sovanchan Sorn is a student at CSULB in the School of Art’s Fiber program. Her art tells of her family’s experience as Cambodian refugees who escaped the regime of Pol Pot. There are excerpts of her family members telling what they went through and what they had to endure. Their experience is heart wrenching and unlike anything I had ever read before.

Formal Analysis

There were pieces in her exhibition that were hung throughout the gallery. They consisted of reflected materials that were light colors. They were white and light pink with pearlescent reflective materials. There were lights that shined upon the hanging pieces which allowed their iridescence to be seen by the audience. There were also excerpts on one wall that consisted of stories of starvation, mistreatment, and distress they endured from living in Cambodia during the time Pol Pot’s regime took over which is one of the worst times in Cambodia’s history.

Content Analysis

Even though the experiences of Sovanchan’s family were times of struggle and pain, the reflective pieces served as sort of a the light at the end of the tunnel following such horrific events. it kind of reminded me that there are things to be learned when we go through something whether they are small or big. Even though they went through thee hard things, they are now able to live better than before which is what the art work represented to me.


I really enjoyed this show. I think its relevance is importance today because even though Cambodia has not been under the regime for many years, it is still suffering its repercussion from that time. I also think the excerpts stuck more with me than the actual pieces that were made by Sovanchan but I think it was an overall great exhibition.


Week 11 Classmate Conversation: Chris Toledanes and Sydnie Santos


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Toledanes and Sydnie Santos. Sydnie is a first year student here at CSULB and she is majoring in psychology. After talking to her for a bit she told me that she was considering changing her major because she felt that psychology wasn’t the option she felt most comfortable with and she was looking at other majors to declare. She is from Cerritos and went to Cerritos High School. She also told me that she played volleyball in high school. Chris Toledanes is senior at Cal State Long Beach and said he will be graduating next year. He is majoring in Computer Engineering. He is originally from Torrance but currently lives in Long Beach.  I also found out that he enjoys playing golf.

They were both great people to work with for the triptych and contributed to the conversation with Glenn about the art that we saw. I thought it was great how Chris mentioned that gun control was a deadly cycle that was never ending because of how people who are getting guns are usually getting them to protect themselves from other people with guns. This was a perspective that I had never thought about and made me think about how it applies to other topics like nations and their weapons of mass destruction and large militaries who do this in an attempt to protect themselves from other countries with militaries and weapons.

Week 10 Art Experience: Architecture and Urban Planning


For this week’s assignment I decided to focus on The USU Wedge. This is the wedge that bothered me the most. I didn’t even know about the FA4 wedge prior to this assignment. I purposely do not park in any of the parking lots or structure near the CBA building to avoid walking through this wedge. I park on the other side of campus near the rec center where I do not need to encounter any wedges of this sort. Of course I can always walk around but then I get frustrated at how it would take me longer and require a few more steps to take but I would lose the same amount of time waiting for the crack to clear of traffic until it is my turn to pass through.

I drew my sketch looking toward Brotman Hall like if you are walking to north campus. To fix this wedge issue I decided to remove the first bench that is seen in one of the photos on the syllabus. By removing this bench I allow more space for people to wall through even before they reach the actual wedge. I find that this bench prolongs the wedge which is part of why it takes so long for groups of people to pass. I also took out the second granite wall that is closes to the beam that contributes to the wedge. This immediately widens that wedge which would make it not a wedge anymore. This would make it a wide passageway that would not cause traffic during campus’s peak hours.

While planning my new structure to get rid of the wedge. I wanted to move the granite wall AND the white beam but I thought of how the white beam served as a support beam to hold the ceiling up so I could not remove that part. The first granite wall and this white beam would be the supporting structures of this part of the walkway that leads into the USU. I had to bargain with this which worked out in the end because it widened the wedge which allowed it to be a “real” walkway.

I think student will probably miss the wedge because it added character but I think it was mostly annoying. I would personally avoid it but now I would be able to park on this side of campus. This would make it easier for any time I schedule classes in the future. I also think that there may not be a Facebook page for this wedge anymore. When I first came to CSULB in 2012 I remember my tour guide mentioned it as “The Crack” and that it had its own Facebook page. This would probably go away or become even more popular depending on how much it is missed.

Week 10 Artist Conversation: Brittany Waters

Exhibition Information

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @artbywaters

Artist Information

The artist Brittany Waters is a student at CSULB’s School of Art. She is earning her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in the Ceramics program. She is originally from northern California but moved to Long Beach and has since found inspiration from the beach city which is what brought #MoreThanASandbox to life. She appreciates nature whether she is at home or in Long Beach. Her art is composed of baby sea turtles which she originally fell in love with on family trips to Hawaii. It tells of the journey that these newly hatched sea turtles must make to the ocean where they encounter many predators where some never make it to the ocean.

Formal Analysis

#MoreThanASandbox is composed of ceramic turtles that were handmade by Brittany. There was also sand in  which the baby sea turtles are “walking” through. One of the walls is a projected moving image of the ocean with waves which where the turtles are walking toward. There was also a beach umbrella and chair for viewers to sit in and take pictures in to hashtag her exhibition. There is also a sort of gallery within a gallery because the artist has a wall on the left when you enter in which she has photos of her Instagram feed that shows the process of her show. There are photos of how the sea turtles are made. We can see turtles before they are painted and the different shades of green that are used to make the exterior match a real life turtle.

Content Analysis

Brittanys show displays how humans have invaded the natural habitat of these sea turtles which is largely due to them being an endangered species. It tells of the struggle that sea turtles go through just to survive. It was almost like an environmental and animal rights statement. I think it also represented Brittany’s personality and her love for nature. Even though it was a telling show about the sea turtles and the invasion of humans into their habitat, it also displays her passion for these animals and tells that she is very aware of what is happening to these innocent creatures.


Synthesis/ My Experience 

When I walked into the gallery to view her show I though it was strange how there was a place for humans to hang out under the umbrella and in the chair because it was right next to the where the sea turtles were nested. I thought, “This isn’t right, both can’t be next to each other.” But this is exactly what happens when humans invade the space of these sea turtles. We impede their survival and contribute to their species’ scarcity. It was an eye-opening experience and made me realize how much we do without thinking about the animals and environment that we are damaging.