Week 9 Art Experience: Graffiti Writing

For this week’s graffiti assignment I decided to do it on a piece of old wooden gate in my back yard. I wanted to do it on cardboard but I didn’t have a paper big enough to do it on because my name consists of 8 letters and bubble letters would have been to good. I quickly realized that it is not easy for me to control the paint can which looked much easier when I’ve seen other people do it. Another challenge I came across was how quickly the paint absorbed into the wood because it was unfinished and very old. I started by writing my name out in a neon green but it went into the wood and looked pale. I think spray painted it black to have a “base” on the wood and went over it with blue paint to create my name. I did my name in regular print as well as bubble letters. I think bubble letters are quite challenging because they require more detail which is hard to do with a can. I wasn’t able to get precision out of a paint can. It made me appreciate how well others can create art with a paint can.

After experiencing this I can definitely say it was not easy. My finger got tired at the end from holding down the spray tip to get the paint out. Even though it was hard, I did enjoy it and found it fun. I think my painting was not “good” compared to what I’ve seen before but I think it was the best that I could have ever created especially since I have never painted with spray paint before. My printed letters came out way better than my bubble letters in the end.


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