Week 8 Classmate Conversation: Betty Escorcia


This week in class I had the pleasure of meeting Betty Escorcia. She is graduating this semester with her Bachelor’s in Psychology. She is also working toward her minor in Comparative World Literature. Since this is her last semester at CSULB, I asked her what plans were after graduation, like if she wanted to attend graduate school or if she was going to work. She told me that she wanted to take a break after graduation which I completely understand because thats what I want to do after so many years of being in school. She asked me what my interests were and I told that I like my “me time” which includes relaxing at home, sleeping in, and watching Netflix. She agreed with me about like “me time” as well.

Another one of my interests that I mentioned to her was that I enjoy traveling even though I don’t get to do it often. I told about the few cities that I have been too and she recommended that I visit New York. Ive always wanted to travel there and she said it was a very fun trip for her. We also briefly spoke about my favorite movies and one of the movies I mentioned to her was Lilo and Stitch which she said was her boyfriend’s favorite movie as well. I really enjoyed talking to Betty because she easy to talk to and seemed approachable when we began talking to each other. I wish her the best after graduating!



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