Week 8 Art Experience: Finger Painting

This experience was liberating to say the least. I think its satisfying to get your hands dirty and takes me back to childhood where we don’t really care if we get dirty or if food drips down your chin. We’re always taught to wash our hands, to not wipe our hands on our pants, and to not put our fingers in our mouth; and this art experience almost felt like the opposite of that. I was able to get my hands dirty and mix colors while. I think this experience was rather easy because I felt that there no rules. I didn’t have to use a brush or stay within any lines or follow any particular guidelines other than use paint and use my fingers.

When I compare my piece to other paintings that Ive seen I think mine definitely looks amateur but I think it definitely has an abstract feel to it. When i started creating it, I starting moving my hand in a windshield wiper motion to spread the paint on the paper. I started off my putting the paint directly on the paper and spreading it and I also put it on my hand and then put my hand on the paper. I started off with the purple and then added the crimson and orange. I thought the crimson and organdy mixed beautifully so I thought I could create a sun figure and add rays with the purple to give a sort of dimension. Then I added more purpled to give it a round shape and figured this could my moon. I mixed crimson and purple together to create the “craters” on my moon. Since I felt I had a space/solar system them going on I added comets in the upper right portion which I was very satisfied with. I though they came out really cute and looked like they were done with a paintbrush which I liked. I think this activity was fun I would be willing to do another finger painting in my free time.


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