Week 6 Art Experience: Zines and Flipbooks

This week I decided to create a Zine. I found this quite challenging because I am not great at drawing at all. Most if my pages were hand drawn/written by me but there are also a few with pictures that i cut and pasted onto the pages of my zine. I used different colored card stock to create my zine and i bound it together with string. I used pen, colored pencils, oil pastels, and pencil to create the drawings.

I entitled it My Life. I thought I would create it to represent me, my life, and special people in my life. I found it to resemble a more tangible version of a social media account. I included pictures of my niece, my cousin, my brother, and my grandpa. I also drew a few things in there to best of my ability. I included a self portrait of myself, a view of a city at night, and a view of a sunset. I think the portrait looks somewhat like me. My favorite part about it was how I drew my hair. I think it looks exactly how I would want it look in real life. I also really love my pictures. I think pictures are great memories. We typically take pictures of happy times to document them and remind ourselves of that particular special day. I think we rarely take pictures of sad or angry times in our lives, because we really do not want to remind ourselves of those days. I think its interesting how the sad and hard parts of our lives can be so easily and clearly remembered while happy times are a little different. There have been times when I’ve seen a picture of myself where I don’t exactly remember the day/event or even taking the picture. I think this why I appreciate them more and liked that part the most making this assignment even though it called more for drawing rather than pictures.



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