Week 5 Art Activity: Automatic Drawing

For this week’s activity, I decided to do it with my mom since I live with her and it was easiest this way because I didn’t to leave my house and carry all my stuff with me. I explained to her what we were supposed to do and that our eyes needed to be closed and to just let the crayon do its thing. I’ve never done anything like this before so I though it was a little weird. Anything Ive ever drawn has been on my own and not with my eyes closed. We sat on our living room floor and held our crayon with all four of our hands and let the crayon draw. When we saw it after we had finished, we thought it look a little ugly so decided to use a different color to make brighter. It started to look a little better so we decided to try another color. The last color we used was the navy blue. We started to get a better feel of what to do and it started to look “better.”

After we finished the drawing I thought it looked more like a drawing with the additional colors. Although I would describe it as a scribble I think it looks great. I think it looks unique and like something that would be hard to recreate. I think even if I tried to do it by myself I wouldn’t be able to recreate the piece. It such an original piece that it’s almost impossible to recreate especially since it was completed with our eyes closed and we let the pastels move freely over the paper. I think this is what I liked best about this assignment, the originality of it.


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