Week 5: Artist Conversation #3: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us 

Media: Studio Art

Gallery: CSULB School of Art , Max L. Gatov Galley East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @yeriyeti

About the Artist 

Yeri Hwang is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. She is earning her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She really enjoys writing and says that a lot of her art is inspired by what she writes. She also has experience in illustration and animation but chose her major because she wanted to learn something new. This is her last semester at CSULB and hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Interactive Arts outside of Cal State Long Beach.

Formal Analysis 

Yeri’s art show consisted of pieces that were very interactive. All of the pieces involved touching them and some sort of reaction occurring. The opening piece was a Michel Angelo painting where you could place your finger on a button and two fingers would touch in the piece and flash a light. There was also a 3D piece with a mouse on a table for the viewer to click and it would create a “storm” around the 3D house that was seen when looking through a window. Another one of her works consisted of glass pieces in front of a light that the viewer could manipulate and one could see the colors projected onto the wall in front of it and could see the colors overlap and move around which she described as an art wheel. Her work included a lot of electrical work that seemed extremely original; like nothing she could have bought in a store could have brought her show to life.

Content Analysis 

Yeri stated that her show comes from her writings. She loved to write and this show is derived from one of her stories. The pieces give the audience only a snippet of the story that it is inspired by. She also mentioned how art should be everyone which is what inspired her to make the art interactive. I thought it was great how she described her art wheel as ever changing like how life is. We are always changing and growing and on a journey toward a goal, whatever it may be.


I really appreciated Yuri’s art and I loved that it was interactive. We are always told to not touch art so I felt weird touching it! I felt like I was disrespecting the art by touching it because I’m not used to being allowed to touch art. I also think that the art being interactive allowed me to better absorb what she was trying to tell us through the art. I interpreted the light at the beginning as the point of conception in life. The piece after that was a fetus in utero which is the next step in development after conception. The interaction with the fetus involved us putting our names inside the baby through the umbilical cord. I took this piece as that part in our lives where our names are pushed upon us without or choosing. I though her show was almost like a walk through a life. Like that montage that plays before your eyes right before your life ends. You go through storms and victories like the ones she displayed.


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