Week 4 Art Activity:Art Care Package

Art Care Package I made for my grandmother.

For the Art Care Package assignment I decided to send it to my 89 year old grandmother who lives here in southern California. I chose my grandmother because I think of how long she’s lived and how much she’s seen in this life and what kind of story her life would tell if she wrote an autobiography. Some of the items include a picture of her, my mom, and myself at her birthday part 3 three years ago which I though was a picture that represents three generations of women. I also included some clippings of a recent Elle magazine with ads for Gucci and L’oreal. I hope that when she sees these ads she is able to see how fashion and beauty has changed since her youth or even in the last decade since she doesn’t read much magazines. I included a game of Loteria which is like a Latino version of bingo but with pictures. This game is very old and I feel like it might bring her memories if she ever played it in her youth. A stationery set I made in my Ceramics class in high school is also in the art care package to show her an art piece that I’ve created and maybe she can make good use out of it.

I think send an ACP is similar to sending a sending a snapchat because it’s something that the person who it is sent to can open or ignore if they choose. You chose who you want to send both too and if they open it you will probably get a phone call or maybe something back in the mail in return as thank you. It is different from a snapchat because an ACP is tangible while a snap can expire and last for only a certain amount go time unless some takes a screenshot or does something to keep it, however it wouldn’t make it tangible. A snapchat is also something that can only be sent to someone who has a snapchat account and an ACP can hypothetically be sent to anyone as long as we know an address.

I think ephemera is precious because it has a story for tell no matter how long its use was intended for. It serves as a reminder of something beautiful or tragic depending on what it is. I think the only thing that would make it gain value over time is how coveted it is or how much sentimental value it has to its owner. For example I think a woodstock ticket would increase in value because it was one of the first music festivals that are always attempted to be recreated in today’s world. It is also something tangible instead of picture. Like an old item can tell us about trends of that time or what pop culture was.

I think that there is a difference in art seen by many people versus few people because the one seen by many becomes a sort of masterpiece that is often interpreted as representing a point of time or maybe even the people that lived during that time. Like it is interpreted that people around the time of the Mona Lisa plucked their hairlines and were eyebrow-less. It becomes almost a generalization of that time. While something seen by few people I think is more intimate and personal. It allows the fewer to create their own thoughts or opinions about instead of repeating what is said about a painting or piece of art that has been seen by millions and the opinions of its previous viewers.

The time that it takes to send an ACP makes it more appreciated because as a recipient I would think about how rare it is to receive something special in the email unless you order it yourself. Mail has become a rarity today in my opinion because we use technology for everything. Its better because I think it can be more appreciated that the other things that come in the mail like local ads or bills. I think what can make a snapchat better is the instant gratification part of it. We can know what someone is doing or where they are at if they apply a geo-filter to their picture or video. But I don’t appreciate a snapchat of someone’s vacation as much as I would someone’s post card or holiday card.

I don’t think a meal can be prepared with love in a short amount of time because a meal made with love takes longer than ordering in drive thru whether you make a sandwich or roast a turkey. An ACP contains love different from a snapchat because it is only sent to one person that you think about and take time to make. You also spend time and energy taking it your local post office and paying for a stamp to ship it. A snapchat is free and takes the energy of only using your thumb and choosing who you want to send it to whether it be directly to someone or on your story where all of your friends can view it.


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