Week 4: Artist Conversation # 2: Joshua Vazquez

Exhibition Information

Artist : Joshua Vazquez

Exhibition: I Love The Way You Fall Asleep

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @joshybehr

About the Artist

Joshua Vazquez is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach. He is in the Drawing and Painting Program at the School of Art and is earning his Bachelor of Fine Art. He plans on earning his Master’s of Fine Art but is not sure what school he would like to attend. Josh is from Los Angeles and he enjoys listening to all genres of music but his favorite is Hip Hop. He states that he has always been into art and that his family is very supportive of him. He decided to attend Cal State Long Beach to get away from LA and explore something new. A few of his favorite artists include Mark Rothko, Noah Davis, and Chris Burden. He believes that these artists are the best at what they do.

Formal Analysis

Joshua’s art consisted of oil paint on canvas. All of his pieces were painted on canvas of varying sizes. A lot of the pieces read “I Love the Way You Fall ASleep” in varying shades on the paintings. A lot of the colors consisted of yellow, purple, and blue. One of the pieces of art transitioned from yellow to blue and had “I Love the Way You Sleep” painted across it in white paint. There also some oranges and darker blues incorporated into his work. The art also varied i size. Some were on 18″ by 18″ canvases while others were 36″ by 36″. There was also one that consisted of three separate 18″ by 18″ painted canvases that he said were all considered one piece.

Content Analysis

“I Love the Way You Fall Asleep” was created by Joshua to represent his home of Los Angeles. He used the city that he loves because it inspires him a lot in his work. Although he likes his art to represent Los Angeles he wants his audience to interpret it as they wish. He doesn’t believe that he can tell a viewer of his art what to think and hope they can interpret it as they wish. As he explored LA throughout his life, he portrayed it in his art. He likes to explore what he’s trying to portray.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I think his art represents the street art in Los Angeles. I think its a good representation of the city all around. I can see the ugly and the beautiful in his exhibition. LA is a huge city with populations from all over the world as well as people from different demographics. I think the array of colors lined up next to each other vertically and horizontally are a way of representing the different people of Los Angeles.



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