Week 3: Classmate Conversation- Jessie Winslow

img_5949-jpgThis week while at the School of Arts gallery, I met Jessie Winslow. I met her through a classmate that I met last week while talking about my “death experience” for last week’s assignment. While talking to Jessie I learned that she is a film major. She is a first year student and went to high school in Seal Beach. She told me about her experience in film and how she’s worked on different editing programs to edit videos. She had mentioned that she liked my makeup and I told her that I watch makeup videos on YouTube and I explained to her how a lot of beauty gurus and beauty vloggers pay top dollar for someone to record them doing their makeup, edit their material, and post it on youtube. She seemed surprised to hear this because she said it was so easy to do. I told her that in previous classes I’ve had to make videos like emergency preparedness and I was hoping on being in a group where someone knew how to edit because I have zero knowledge on how to edit videos. It was cool talking to someone who was so experienced in something that I have none in.

We briefly talked about shows and movies that we like to watch on Netflix and I recommended a documentary called 13 to her. I also asked her if she knew she wanted to be a film major and she explained to me that she’s known since high school. I appreciated this about her because as an incoming freshman I was unsure about my career choice. I changed my majors many times before I finally stuck to one so I thought it was great that she was so sure of herself and knows what she wants.



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