Wk 2 Classmate Conversation- Yuritzi Chavez

img_7859This week I had the pleasure of meeting Yuritzi Chavez who is a 3rd year Human Development major. We spoke about what we want to do after graduation and I learned that she wants to attend Physician Assistant school. I mentioned to her that I possibly want to attend graduate school for Physician Assistant also but I’m not sure if I want to do it right after graduation because I also would like to join the Peace Corps. She explained to me that her school of choice is UC Berkeley because it is has a PA program with the least amount of requirements in California and she meets a lot of the requirements already.

Since she is a Human Development major I asked her if she had thought about becoming an Occupational Therapist because her major leans toward that profession. She said that at first she had considered it but thought it would be too difficult to help children in this field because of the emotional distress that comes with the job. I agreed with her on this because when I first started going to school I also considered going to Occupational Therapy school after graduation but quickly changed my mind. Yuritzi and I had a lot in common and it was cool talking to someone who had similar academic interests as mine.



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