Week 2: Landscapes w/ a Corpse

For this weeks, activity I had the chance to plan my “death” which is something I will probably never get to do. Most people don’t get this luxury no matter how wealthy. Even when wills are planned and you choose who gets what of your belongings, the actual dying part is never planned. When I die, I would like to leave in the least violent or climactic way. I don’t want to suffer, feel pain, or be expecting it. I would love for it to be something that happens when I’m old enough to be comfortable leaving and not have any “unfinished business.”

I decided to die during my sleep in my bed; the comfort of my own home. For me, this would be the most ideal way and the most comfortable. Although I usually take off my makeup before I go to sleep I think it would also be ideal to die with a face of makeup on because I don’t trust anyone else to do my makeup in a way that will look like I do while alive. That would probably be something I think about when Im older and plan a will if I want to be cremated to completely bypass the makeup issue or if I should have someone practice their makeup skills on me and see if I like it enough to have them do it once I pass. A part of me hates that I think about that, mixing vanity with death because when your dead thats something you have no control over. I think overall this was good activity in the sense that it got me thinking about something that I have no control over and how death can be unexpected and we don’t know when, how, or where it’ll happen.


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