Plaster Casting Activity


While doing this activity, the part I found most challenging was the sand mold. At first, I had made my mold to go up to my elbow because I wanted a cast of my arm but when I would take my arm out my hand wouldn’t fit through the wrist part of my mold so the sand would collapse and fall into my mold ruining it. So I then had to make my mold more shallow and only go up to my wrist which worked out better and only took one try.

I also ended up doing the activity via the no beach option since I live no where near one. I used sand from sand bags that my mom had left over from the rainy days that we used to prevent the water from going into our garage which were free so I didn’t spend any money trying to get sand. Overall it was an easy and quick activity and something that I have never done before. Although I’ve never done an activity like this one it sort of reminded of those wax hand molds that you can get at fairs without the pain of the heat from the hot wax.




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